SCAM ALERT: Better Business Bureau Catches New QB Scam

Recently the Better Business Bureau reported that it had learned of a new email scam going around, targeting QuickBooks users. While the scam has targeted small businesses in particular, anyone is capable of being targeted for this scam.

Clients should be alert for the following:

  • Any email that claims to be from QuickBooks. Do NOT open or click on these.
  • The email’s subject line will read: “QuickBooks Support: Change Request.”
  • The email will contain a message, claiming that the recipient changed their business name with intuit and providing a link to cancel if this change was not in fact made. Do NOT follow this link.

If you receive such an email. Do NOT open, click on, or follow any links that it provides. These will download malware onto your device. Enabling the scammers to capture your passwords or steal sensitive information on your device, leading to identity theft.